Got an artist we should follow? Are you an artist we should follow!? Let us know who and why we should connect with them and we'll make it happen. 

If you are the artist, please submit a proposal with a big project you want to take on- Ideally it's already in motion so we can follow and capture the process... but we are also open to BIG dreams and plans!

Each artist and project is focusing on some sort of social issue - whether it be homelessness, poverty, hunger, mass incarceration, addiction, race, LGBTQ, etc... We are very very open to all social concerns that need a voice. Art can create that voice. Art as a conduit for change and conversation. 

Make us a detailed proposal of what you'd want us to document in a whole episode (16-22min).

Why we should focus on you or these artists/artist?
Whose the market?
Whats the call to action? What's the importance? What's the social action?
Please attach images and any additional info.

Thank you. We really look forward to your proposal. 

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